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Tailored to you

Your requirements and situation are unique and therefore we ask you to provide further information to establish the service you need. We are here to help and happy to discuss this at length, ensuring you are correctly guided.   

Hindson & Collier offer a range of services, from pre purchase surveys to valuation reports for a range of purposes and many other options in between. This may include Level 2 or 3  Home Surveys, valuations for tax inheritance, matrimonial purposes, or valuations for the Help To Buy scheme or in accordance with the requirements of a Shared Ownership Group, to name a few.

So send us a link to the house you are interested in, or describe the house you would like us to inspect, along with your needs, we can then guide you to the correct level of survey or service you require.  

Once instructed, we liaise with the agent and/or vendor, and take it from here.

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