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Simple? Straightforward?

Surveys are one of those things that are often shrouded in technical

mumbo-jumbo leaving you feeling like you just have to take someones word for it and hope you've made the right choice.

At Hindson & Collier, we don't play that way. We've got the expertise, experience and equipment to give you as much or as little as your unique situation requires.

How does it work?

During our initial fact-gathering conversation, you can discuss your concerns and initial plans for your property, and any changes you’re currently considering. We carry out desk top research ready for the date of inspection, this may include geographical, environmental, planning, location risks, and more. 

A comprehensive inspection is carried out to house, outbuildings and grounds. This may include pole cameras or a drone depending on conditions and what has been agreed. We carefully arrange our diary, overestimating the time we may need, so we aren’t under any pressures and so our only focus is your property for as long as it takes. 

You will receive a call within a day to discuss our initial findings, answer any specific queries and give you our overall opinion. If we recommend any further investigations or quotations before you proceed, we identify them here. 

You will be issued with a comprehensive, plain English report which can include annotated photos of the defects and site. We offer to send a copy to your solicitor so you don’t have to. 

After this point we can be involved as much or as little as required. We are here to help with follow up questions from either you or directly from your solicitor or other professional advisors. 

The Drone

Our state-of-the art photography drone allows us ultimate, detailed access to all surfaces of a building's exterior, regardless of size or shape. 

Perfect for larger structures where a camera pole might not have enough reach.

What levels of survey do we offer? 

We offer level 2 (Previously or otherwise referred to as HomeBuyer Report) and level 3 surveys (Previously or otherwise referred to as RICS Building/Structural Survey Report). The RICS offer guidance on differences between these here. But since the recent RICS Home Survey Standard different firms may offer a very different service so it’s great to be clear on how they compare. 


At Hindson & Collier we like to summarise that one is no “better” than the other but more that it’s about the fit to the specific property and how you would like to be advised. 


Our surveys can be undertaken with or without a valuation, at any level. We can also provide a reinstatement calculation used for insurance purposes. 

Level 2

Perfect for most traditional or modern properties, up to a significant value, that have not been exceptionally altered. 


These are also perfect for people that would prefer a more concise report, confirming if actions are needed or not.


Our level 2 surveys will clearly identify the property construction, and condition, highlighting any prominent defects requiring repair and guide you from here as to the next step. We will include photographs of the property, and any specific defects raised so you are clearly informed.


Visual inspections to roof voids, outbuildings, grounds and services are made where possible, giving you further guidance. Where the roof coverings are not visible from ground level, we have a 30 ft camera pole at no additional cost.

Level 3

More suited towards properties of a more complicated nature. Period buildings, properties that have been significantly altered, properties clearly in a poor condition or homes of substantially higher value. 


Due to complex nature of these properties, certain factors and details cannot and would not be covered in the Level 2 survey. This gives you a more detailed understanding of current condition, and offer further advice regarding ongoing maintenance and repair.


Our level 3 surveys comprehensively cover the property construction, and detail condition and repairs, highlighting a range of defects requiring repair, describing this in a more detailed manner. Further advice will be offered to maintenance, other matters, external influencing factors, as well as considerations to specific materials and labour that should be used.


Dependant on your requirements we can include annotated photographs of the property, site, any specific defects raised so you are clearly informed.


Visual inspections to roof voids, outbuildings, grounds and services are made where possible, giving you further guidance. Raised level photography and drone can be used where able and permitted.

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