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Your situation is


Your chartered surveyor should be too.

Reports, surveys, valuations - every client's needs are unique, so our exceptional service always stays the same. That's what makes us different.


Why us?

There are around 66,000 chartered surveyors in the UK. So why would you choose us?

We're safe as houses

We’ve been inspecting Yorkshire properties nearly every day since 2002. Which means with us you’re always in safe hands.

Your situation is unique. So, we talk to you to better understand your situation and ditch the generic reporting and recommendations for a detailed, methodical service built around you.

You're not a number

We're in your corner

Buyers often feel there is no one serving their best interests. Well, not anymore. Our clear, personal and meticulous approach means we’re always looking out for you.

As long as it takes

We only work with private local clients, we don’t operate out of our immediate area, or allow ourselves to be under pressure on any timeframe to rush the job.

Your service doesn’t end with our report. We’re always here to answer any questions and iron out any issues. We offer to speak to vendors, estate agents, solicitors or contractors on your behalf - if you want us to. (Or we can just keep our phones in our pockets.)

Service beyond surveys

We write plain-English reports

We have a jargon jar in our office. Every time we write a word only solicitors would understand, we put in 50p. It’s always been empty.

So rather than having a 1 in 66,000 chance of being chosen by you, we think you’ll choose us because we’re 1 in 66,000.

Moving House

Level 2

"You've been the most helpful person we've spoken to throughout the whole process so we can't thank you enough!"

- E.F, North Leeds



We take the time to understand the ins and outs of your potential home, so we make detailed recommendations specific to you. This enables us to write valuation, and survey reports tailored to you, instead of quickly prepared

copy-and-paste templates.

Based in the heart of Yorkshire, England, we offer a bespoke and personal approach to the Chartered Survey experience. Our background is in estate agency, property management as well as surveying and valuation. So you can be assured that we fully understand the challenging process of buying and selling, as well as maintenance and repair of properties.

Our purpose is our client, our passion is property. We love guiding our clients, but as sad as it is, we could stare at buildings for hours each day, and do!

And, wherever possible, we leave nothing to chance. We can even break out the drone to survey a roof if we can’t see from the ground floor level, so how far would you like us to look?

About us
Valley gardens harrogate

Our Team

Daniel Hindson of Hindson and Collier chartered surveyors.png

Daniel Hindson 

RICS Chartered Surveyor, RICS Registered Valuer and RICS Registered Expert Witness.

Daniel bought his first house almost 20 years ago, was fascinated by the process and the things he discovered at that time and started studies in building surveying then.

He has around 20 years in the property industry including in estate agency and lettings and property management. He’s known for his engaging customer focus, clear advice, sometimes wit...(and very occasionally baking).

Stefan Collier of Hindson and Collier Chartered Suveryors

Stefan Collier 

RICS Chartered Surveyor, RICS registered Valuer, Stefan has bought and sold property through the years, often extending, repairing and refurbishing them, taking his time to understand the most appropriate repairs for the property type.

He too has a strong background in estate agency which gives him a deeper understanding of the process,  and the stresses our customers go through.

He specialises in character, period and rural properties and is known for clear and thoughtfully worded advice, helpful attitude, and for boring his wife by pointing out all the houses he has surveyed when they are out in the car.

leslie face.jpg

Leslie-Anne Milson 

Leslie has a similar property background in estate agency and progressed to full Chartered Surveyor status in 2001. She specialises in Listed and rural properties and loves to share her knowledge by mentoring and assessing the next generation of property Surveyors.


Her values align fully with her colleagues at Hindson and Collier who strive to provide good quality, meaningful, property surveys for their clients.


Taking the time to speak with clients is second nature to Leslie and her passion is diagnosing and advising on defects; she has been referred to (on more than one occasion) as the ‘Miss Marple of Surveying’… no stone is left unturned.

Gill at Hindson & Collier

Gill Harris 
Office Manager

Gill has worked in a number of independent local property firms and built a wonderful career in supporting and guiding both customers and surveyors. She shares the same values and is the glue that holds many of our processes together! Whilst Daniel and Stefan would love to answer every call, Gill is often the lucky lady who often can.


Outside of the office Gill loves, reading, local walks, theatre shows and her lovely family.

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